Stephen Robertson

Slanting Lines

The dream I dreamt

The dream I dreamt, the dream I dreamt

just slipped away.

What it said, or what it meant

I cannot say.

Rainbow-bright, or black and white,

or autumn hues, or shades of grey—

the colours that I saw last night

just slipped away.

Through passages or corridors

light-footed did I make my way?

Across what carpets, rugs or floors?

I cannot say.

The houses, and their rooms and halls

and whether it was night or day;

the gardens, and the garden walls

just slipped away.

What country lanes or city streets—

and who were my companions, pray?

Old friends, new friends did I meet?

I cannot say.

And when we parted, did we say

our last goodbyes, or maybe they

just slipped away—

I cannot say.