Stephen Robertson

Slanting Lines

Colourless green ideas found sleeping furiously

Items from the menu, Kao Ya Dian Tian, Beiheyan Dajei, Beijing

The garlic slices the beef granule.

The first boilers of iron plate glue east

Grow face fa-cai thick soup.

XO sauce explodes to grow the fragile bone.

The peasant family stir-fries four

Butterfish cooked to no sauce.

Young flourishing bowl bowl shrimp

Do a boiler burn the duck head.

The prefecture of river drives meal chicken,

Olive dish dried meat floss stir fries a leaf mustard.

The small bowl of wedding reception stews bean bubble,

The taro rolls up an incense.

The impregnable fortress makes fish cake.

Fried kind’s of seafood in monolith

Do the crispy bean curd of boiler,

Blow up a little croaker with no result.

Fragile crab of incense taste mushroom

Do the black boiler hair belly.

The day boiler duck is miscellaneous.