Stephen Robertson

Slanting Lines


Hanging garden.  Send a letter.

Fresh clay tablet, stylus, scribe.

Entrust to messenger.

            I love you.

Flowing Nile.  Send a letter.

New papyrus, brush and ink.

Command a messenger.

            I love you.

Draughty hall.  Now send a letter.

Parchment, new quill pen, and ink.

Employ a messenger.

            I love you.

Curtained parlour.  Send a letter.

Scented paper, dip-pen, ink.

Branch post office, penny stamp.

            I love you.

Papered bedsit.  Send a letter.

Pad of paper, ballpoint pen.

Find a stamp, street-corner box.

            I love you.

Wi-fi café.  Send a letter.

Laptop, plug in power socket.

Click to send.

            I love you.